Our Mission
• To provide young individuals the opportunity to participate in a sport which provides unforeseen challenges, experiences and opportunities to achieve an individual's greatest accomplishments, winning the battle against themselves.
• To provide a sporting experience that will not demand that he or she be better than others to make the team, to start the game or to play on the first line. To provide a sport that makes the individual the starting pitcher, center fielder and cleanup hitter all in one.
• To provide the individual the ability to learn to respect his or her opponent and to understand, through personal sacrifice, the battle that each opponent must have internally waged in order to climb the same stairs into the ring.
• To provide goals which will challenge the body, psyche and intestinal fortitude of the individual on their way to achieving milestones previously thought unattainable.
• To promote the Teddy Atlas rule on perseverance: "Moments in which you do not think you can make it, are just moments, enduring them is not as tough as having to deal with the next day, the next week, the next month knowing that you quit."
• To provide the participant the tools to become a leader because, as in all individual sports, there is no one to follow or lean on.
• To turn out, through disciplined training, confident, strong individuals, capable of, and comfortable with, making sound choices, even when such choices may not be the most popular within his or her peer group.

Our Impact
It is our belief and hope that the lessons learned at Gentlemen's Gym will help members develop the tools they need to make the right choices during their adolescence and formative years. Gentlemen's Gym has been fortunate enough to affiliate itself with several local Boston trade unions which may help a worthy applicant should he or she apply for an apprenticeship program. We hope to provide them with the tools and discipline necessary to become an asset to the trade of their choice. Boxing programs and clubs are also often found at colleges and most military and state police academies which offers our members the opportunity to continue to enjoy the art of boxing. Gentlemen's Gym also promotes other non-profit entities. For example, we are the proud sponsors of the David Smith Memorial Scholarship awarded to a Teamster Local 25 high school student each year. We have also supported the AM VETS and the Fisher House which helps families of wounded veterans.
Our History
Gentlemen's Gym was founded by Peter Coakley, David Smith and Kevin Kelleher to create an environment for youngsters to develop into responsible young adults through the teachings and disciplines associated with the art of boxing. Our program is open to all inner-city children and young adults willing to work hard and to respect all members of the club. Gentlemen's Gym is a federal and state sanctioned 501(c)(3) non-profit charity which receives no state or federal funding. The program is free to all participants and all staff members, directors and officers are non-paid volunteers.